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Top 10 Natural Hair Hashtags by

 Irma Garcia

Talent is good. Practice is better. Passion is best. 

Talent is good. Practice is better. Passion is best. 

Latina Made Not Maid

This is a quote attributed to architect and writer Frank Lloyd Wright. I cannot begin to express how many talented Latina women I see around me who neglect to tap into their gifts and talents. I am not certain if they do this because they are afraid that others will not support them or if they simply do not see how special they are. Sadly, I believe that there is a lack of support within the Latina community.


Naturally Curly

How 15 Women Feel About Their Curly Girl Transformations by Irma Garcia




Fly Mommie Friday

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Honest Liz

#BrushedOutCurls #Trends2018 by  @curlpop_n_hair

#BrushedOutCurls #Trends2018 by @curlpop_n_hair

Brushed out curls by Curlpop

Look at Bella being about it ! Thank you @def_curls for showing us how you Brush your curls free and expose your #hairtexture !!! You ...


#BrushedOutCurls #Trends2018 by  @curlpop_n_hair

#BrushedOutCurls #Trends2018 by @curlpop_n_hair

Brushed Out Curls by Curlpop N Hair video

How to do the #brushedoutcurls with a wide tooth comb . Thank you @def_curls for not only creating this awesome video but being aware of our friends who are #hearingimpaired ! Having you on the team still makes my heart jump



By CurlpopWorld

Count down has officially begun . Click the video for a message from our very own Senior Social media editor @def_curls !!! Ps. Been seeing the list of guest and it's giving me butterflies!!!!! Who else will be there???


Featured on  No Wrong Way Movement

Featured on No Wrong Way Movement

We love @def_curls contribution for the #PassItOrSmashItchallenge 💞 she may not be *physically smashing anything but she is for sure breaking our hearts with her honesty, courage and beauty. Love you❤️ can't wait to see how you guys take this challenge on. Truly #inspired#NoWrongWayTV #Repost@def_curls
This video was inspired by #tsunamibycurlpopworld(@curlpop_n_hair). It’s an iota of some of the topics that I, as a blogger, am passionate about. Not everything that I am passionate about directly affects me. I see the amount of unfairness, bullying, & stereotypes lingering around that affect so many people. The worst part is that very few people are doing anything about it.  Personally, I will not allow ANYONE to bully me or scare me out of my dreams & I will do that by going harder than ever. Some don’t understand where I find the energy & motivation to do what I do. It’s not work for me; it’s a passion that I will have until the day I die. Earlier today I came across a post by @nowrongwaymovement about #breakingthestereotype featuring @amandalacount. One stereotype that I want to put in the #passitorsmashitchallenge is that once you reach a certain age, you are useless 😒. I will #smash that stereotype all day, every day. The list of men & women in their 40s & BEYOND who are still doing "their thing" is pretty darn long. Heck, there are men & women who “find” themselves in their 40’s! Why do people insist that we sit down & be quiet when we reach a certain age? Why are wrinkles a no-no, or any sign of aging, for that matter? I support all ages but I do not see the same love reciprocated across the board. We need to change that! My video touches on another topic, which as I mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg; I have a lot to say. Thank you @curlpop_n_world for the inspo & the support. Thank you, @nowrongwaymovement for all that you do, as well. We need more awareness & support. That is all. 🌻 #StopBullying
("RIZOS" shirt: @jadenjazzboutique)


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LMNM Feature


No wrong way...

*sigh* Where do I begin without sounding repetitive, boring, or annoying? I begin by being myself! That is how I have always been & continue to be as a Puerto Rican woman. Body image? Ugh, yes, I have struggled with ...


We Triumph by 

Sasha Byers

This beautiful woman faced adversity since she was seven years old, but her perseverance, strength, and faith helped her triumph! Belinda's story is a joyous encouragement for ...


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Advocating for the deaf & hard-of-hearing...

We love our deaf/Hoh friends! Thank you for sharing and letting others know you are not alone. 
#Repost @def_curls with @repostapp
A little reminder 💁.
One of the most challenging things that I have encountered, besides my hearing loss, has been connecting with others like me. I did, however, come across @aidthesilent here on @instagram. When I read Emma Faye's bio, I was so moved. One particular part of her bio that really got to me reads as follows: "A few years ago, something was said that forever changed my life, 'God closed your ears to the world, so that you may hear His voice.' Now I hear, not through longing and desire, but through acceptance. God allows me to hear what He’s called me to hear. The world is full darkness, yet God has protected my heart through this filter of deafness, so I would long for the light that leads me from the world. I know I can endure for a crown of life awaits me, and this is just a blink and a breath compared to the glory yet to come." Those words truly touched me. Emma Faye Rudkin is a Deaf Ministry Advocate and she was/is Miss San Antonio 2015 & 2017. The only limits that you have are the ones you set for yourself, disabilities or not! I love my #aidthesilent poster. Now I need the perfect frame for it 💕.
#NoExcuses .


Do you know that among the beautiful Latino cultures there is direct African influence in our words, clothing, instruments, believes, our people & hair!!!! And many are identified as #afrolatinos ? 
I present to you new faces as well as familiar ones from around the world who are making a difference everyday to inspire, educate, and are helping others day by day to self love. You guys rock!! 


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