Mirror Mirror

Well, the curly hair revolution is upon us and I love it. Still, we, curly-haired girls/women, have our share of struggles and challenges. One thing that I am very careful with is making sure that the hair in the bACK OF MY HEAD gets as much attention as the HAIR IN THE FRONT OF MY HEAD.  We seem to think that because we can't see the back of our heads that the hair there is fine, Sort of like THE "out of sight, out of mind" IDEA.  WronG! . It may be out of your sight but the back of your head is going to be within other people's sights. I've seen many women make this mistake.  They seem to forget that they will eventually be in front of someone either in an elevator or on the line at Starbucks; someone is going to be staring right into the back of YOUR head. You want to make sure that the back is in good CONDITION AND order just as the rest of your hair. bEFORE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE,  Use two mirrors to check all angles. Also, don't apply less product(s) to the back and more to the front. Be generous TO all of your hair. tHAT WAY, YOU CAN AVOID HAVING patches of nice, silky, curly hair in the front BUT dry, not-as-curly hair in the back.  lASTLY, If you're HAIR IS CURLY AND YOU'RE going to air dry IT, AVOID TOUCHING IT until it is completely dry.