Browsing through my eyebrows


Who doesn't like before and after photos? So much is revealed by comparing photos taken at different stages in our lives. I came across the top photo this week. The picture was taken in 2006.  I began plucking my eyebrows soon after I graduated High School in 1992.  The plucking led to waxing but waxing to the point where I was left almost hairless. It was the style back then (or at least of of the styles) and I wanted to keep up not realizing the damage that I was doing to my natural eyebrows.  Years went by and I continued with this practice. It was not until about 2011-2012, when I grew tired of looking at my bald eyebrows and noticed that it was making me look older, that I finally decided to give my eyebrows a break. It took me about 3 weeks to fully grow them out. However, not all the hair grew back even after three weeks.  Since then, I have not had my eyebrows waxed. I do pluck them here and there but ONLY stray hairs.  I also trim them to keep them well-groomed.  It is now, in 2015, that my eyebrows look almost as full as  how I had them in High School. The bottom photo was taken this morning. I still have some bald spots here and there but that is normal. When I apply make-up, I simply fill in those spots with either a brow pencil or eyebrow powder. Those who wax their eyebrows and/or their upper lips need to be mindful that waxing also tends to pull the skin. If done often, it could cause extra stretching and pulling that women do not need especially on their faces. Try to avoid it if you can. You will knock off some years off of your face and you will put the brakes on the wrinkles that are waiting to happen. Sometimes we do more harm by forcefully changing our natural appearance when all we need to do is subtly enhance our natural beauty. Sorry, eyebrows! It won't happen again!